Choose your look

Natural Light Outdoor Photos

Photos taken outside near an entry door. Location will be determined based on best lighting on the face and eyes.

This is a well-loved option but is weather and light dependent, so we always have a backup plan in case of bad weather.

Natural Light Indoor on Black Backdrop

Photos taken indoors by a large window in a neutral-colored room or space. 

This is a great option for a consistent look that can be done at any time without worry of getting "rained out."

Studio Lighting on choice background

Photos taken using continuous studio lighting. This is a great option that gives consistent results no matter the space or time of year.  This option gives the most flexibility for schools that have specific needs on where to shoot and timing, yet gives a beautiful result that parents will love.

Online Ordering

Each family is emailed an access code to view an online gallery for easy online ordering. Digital downloads and prints are available. No missed paperwork, writing checks, or hassle in the pick-up line. Let's make it as simple as possible.



1. In Person Meeting:

Call Emily at 612-229-9334 or email to schedule a time where I can come visit to say hello, see your facility, and help plan the best photography package for your school. We will look at scheduling, possible photography spots, discuss the marketing and ordering process, and answer any questions you might have. If everything sounds good, we can find a series of days next season when it works to host your school's picture day.

2. Parent Communication:

Tonka Candid is happy to provide informational flyers and other promotional material for you to hand out to parents and display on walls prior to picture day. We also build a custom webpage for your school with FAQ's and tips for parents on what to wear, how to order, and what to expect.

3. Picture Day:

By picture day, the preschool director and staff have been well-informed around making our picture day smooth and easy. We have prearranged an area in the school to take photos, and classes or small groups cycle through with help from a teacher or volunteer. We are attentive to styling hair, wiping noses, and adjusting clothing. Each child will be provided with a piece of paper with a unique QR code to access their individual gallery with 5-10 beautiful images. We love including sibling photos, class photos, and any extra photos you need for your school. 

4. Online Ordering & Photo Delivery:

In 2-3 weeks after photos have been taken, each parent will receive an email from Tonka Candid with a gallery of images. All children and siblings will be viewable through unique access codes. Parent's will have 2 weeks to order prints & digital downloads of their children's images. After 2 weeks, the gallery will be closed and all print orders will be sent to the lab. Tonka Candid will deliver all print orders to the school 3-4 weeks after picture day. We fully support the process of ordering, parent questions, concerns, and followup.

How does the online ordering work?

Our online ordering system was developed in Germany and follows the strictest GDPR compliance for the protection of your privacy and personal information. This compliance is above and beyond what is required in the US but gives us peace of mind that every child is protected from data theft. 

A demonstration gallery will be shown at our initial meeting with a school director.

Parents will receive an email about 1-2 weeks after picture day with a unique access code for each child. From the email they can click over to the gallery. Each gallery will contain 5-10 photos per child in both color and black & white.  The really cool feature of this system is that parents have the option to choose from a variety of beautiful images and can purchase a single photo, the gallery, and any prints or digital files.


We get this question a lot from parents! I start by saying that the most important element in the photo is your child's sparkling eyes and beautiful face. The outfit should compliment that without distracting or overpowering the face.  It should be comfortable to wear and fit well without being baggy. Shirts with simple small patterns, beautiful textures, and smooth collars work best. If wearing glasses, try to wipe them clean to avoid glare or smudges over the eyes.


For boys I'd suggest button down shirts in a solid color or simple pattern, monochromatic sweaters, or a simple blank t-shirt. Try to avoid T-shirts or hoodies with logos, text or pictures on the front, puffy vests or hoodies, and make sure the shirt fits well and is not too baggy. 


For girls you could try simple patterns, jewel tones, dresses or monochromatic sweaters. Look for shirts that are well-fitted with a smooth collar line. Avoid outfits with too much glitz and glam - large bows in the hair, tons of sparkles, loud bold patterns, or pictures on the front.

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