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"Emily is so easy to work with. She made our session really fun and was able to get "real" smiles out of our kids! Emily has an excellent creative eye, so our pictures ended up beautiful and also really showcasing the personalities and relationships within our family. I would highly recommend Emily and can't wait for our next session with her!"



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Sunday September 22nd 2019

The Nuremberg Memorial Gardens are a fantastic location for family photos. From tall cedar pergolas to sculptural gardens and gazebos to stunning views across Lake Minnetonka, this spot has it all. I love doing family photos here because it's so easy to choose a few spots that speak to your style, and no matter where the kids stop to play you'll be surrounded by a beautiful backdrop! 

Charlson Lake Ann.jpg




Lake Ann park is a great easy location for an afternoon of playgrounds, exploration, and a variety of action shots. We'll start near the playground where we can get a few family shots with the beautiful fall colors in the background. Then it's up to you if you'd like to venture down the path to the beach, get some fun shots of the kids at the playground, on the baseball field, or maybe even sneak a few shots of just Mom and Dad sneakin' a smooch.  

Fallen Apples




What's more classic than fall photos at an Apple Orchard? Make a day of your visit to Deardorff Apple Orchard & Parlay Lake Winery. Walk away with great memories and a stunning set of images. This location has it all from cute photos of kids sitting on hay bales eating apples to riding tractors to beautiful background vistas. I am so excited to spend the day here making memories with all the sights and smells of fall in Minnesota! *This session requires a $25 rental fee for use of this special space, payable upon registration! 

2018.11.24 Underhill Family-1.jpg




This location is one of Minnetonka's hidden treasures. Purgatory park is a natural wildland area with a 1 mile walking trail, stream, tall trees, and an off-leash area for doggies. In November the tall grass meadow is a bright golden color and makes for stunning fall photos. I personally love this location because it's so easy for families with kiddos who like to explore. In 30 minutes we can easily get a trove of keepers!

2018.11.23 Santa at Tonkadale-9.jpg




There's no better spot for indoor photos than Tonkadale nursery, especially with their newly installed wooden backdrop and festive holiday plants & decor. If you operate like I do, then it might be Nov 23 and you've just started thinking about your holiday cards. I'm here to tell you that it's not too late to get that photo and turn it around before Dec 25th! These sessions are only 20 minutes each instead of the typical 30 so we can accommodate as many families as possible. Please plan to arrive early and shop around a little before your time!

"I love the authenticity and real moments I see in our photos. Instead of cheesy smiles, my kids look like themselves; all the pouts and sad moments included ha! I framed a few of them at my desk at work and love the reminder that they are complex people just like me."  -Stacey


1. Getting family photos are always stressful for me. The kids don't smile. The spouse is whining. Nobody's happy. How is this any different?

As a mom of 2 rowdy boys, I get it. Getting ready for family photos can pop out a few more grey hairs. For this reason I am very mindful about creating a good experience for Mom & Dad too! Here are the two ways I do that: COMMUNICATION & MINDSET. A few weeks out I will email detailed instructions on where I will set up "base camp" so you know exactly where to park, where to meet me and what to expect when you arrive. For every mini session I employ an extra person to be on location with us. They can play with the kiddos, watch for smudged faces, fix crazy hair, answer frantic texts and keep things organized while I'm shooting away. My goal for photos is to get 3-5 great shots of the whole family, then 1-2 shots of each child and 1-2 of parents together. That's very do-able, quick and easy. With the rest of our time we'll play and get lots of action shots too.


Mindset is a larger concept that has to do with my photo philosophy. I wrote a blog post about it HERE. I really feel this is important. I want you to know my aim so you know my photographic style, my priority, and my expectations in shooting. Your photos are important, and if my philosophy isn't quite a match with your style it's OK! I am happy to recommend other amazing photographers in this area who might be a better fit for you! Please ask! 

3. How to handle cancellations or bad weather?

If it's drizzling, we'll try it. If it's a complete thunderstorm, I'll text you to cancel. I will open up another evening or two later in the week, or try to get you into another session. I'm very easy going and will work with you to figure it out. If you have paid for the Dierdorff Orchards facility fee, I will certainly reimburse you if we just can't make it work, but I'm confident we can find something!

4. My kid's got a scratch on his cheek, fell into a mud puddle, or is just plain freaking out during our session. Now what?

Hey, this ain't no wedding. If things really don't work out, we can redo it. Sometimes the best photos are made in the midst of or directly after a mini crisis. Tantrums might last for 3-5 minutes and are often followed by some really special kisses & hugs. A little mud on the pants means the kiddo is probably having a great time with a big grin on her face. As parents, sometimes we have to let go of it and just let life happen. I can retouch if it's really bad.  I do charge $25/image for an artistic photoshop retouch that includes skin retouching, blemish or scratch removal, or clothing fixes if you happen to fall in love with an image except for that crazy thing in the background or dress that wasn't quite sitting right. 

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