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Hold your memories closer

with a Family Film 

I help parents & grandparents create a time capsule of your life as it is today. Nothing staged or forced, just real and natural. Live footage artfully curated into an heirloom of imagery that you can keep reviewing year after year. This is the important stuff of your life today, create a memory of it.


Family Photos


Jump on board now before this ship sails! Fall and holiday mini sessions are happening all around town. Super fun. Easy for Mom & Dad both. Kids smile because they love it. We take care of all the extra details.

films & photos of your everyday life 

that are stronger than memories

What's happening in our

neck of the woods

"Thank you so much Emily. I've watched this film a dozen times in the past 24 hours and I cried every time. You captured our family so beautifully."

                                                      - Kate  

Hi Folks! Thanks for joining us here at Tonka Candid. We are Emily & Brian, Minnesotans raising our two boys in a quiet cul de sac in Minnetonka. We love adventuring around town and sharing our finds with you! Emily is a 'retired' piano teacher who started her photography & videography business in 2017. Brian is a software engineer and bicycling enthusiast who can't wait to retire and pitter around the house. We are big advocates of sharing the important stories of this community and our opinions on life. Whether you are a resident, looking to relocate here, or just passing through we hope you find inspiration, beauty, and new things to do as you explore the area. Come back often! 

tonka trek

our weekly memo of favorites and findings

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