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Go beyond the sea of taken & forgotten cell phone snaps. I help parents & grandparents create timeless heirloom images & films that live in your home. Wall art you see every day. Little films of authentic beauty with your child as the main character. Don't rely on your memory to show you how their little toes wiggled when they climbed up on the counter, or how their eyes light up when you swing them around. Show them and their children.

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this year, try a family film instead

2019.10.27 Brooke Clement Family Photos.

The new era of family photography has begun - lifestyle sessions that produce both beautiful images for your wall and a video of your family.

Aerial Boat Shot

THE BLOG: around lake minnetonka

Create beautiful photographs of your family for display in your home


family photography mini sessions

For families who'd love the yearly updated family photo, this is a fun and simple option. Digital files, photo boxes and Wall Art displays available for purchase. 

senior photography sessions

Creative & authentic senior photo sessions as unique as you are.

business branding & headshots

Working closely with local businesses and entrepreneurs to create engaging marketing content for use on websites, social media, and marketing materials.

school picture day

Preschool and Elementary School picture day can be so much more!


Hi, I'm Emily

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  • Music major & Master of Music degree in piano pedagogy. Used to teach, now I do this and LOVE IT

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"My husband gifted me a family photo & film session for my birthday. Wow, it will be hard to beat this one! Emily came to our home and was so fun to work with. I'll admit, the first 20 minutes it was a little strange having a camera around but the kids didn't seem to care, and the end result is absolutely magical. I think we are going to watch this video every single year until I'm gone, ha!      -Ainsley

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